4 Ways How to Write Engaging Tweets that Drive Traffic

4 Ways How to Write Engaging Tweets that Drive Traffic

Are you stumped on what to say on Twitter? It might be tough to determine what types of postings do well on each social media site because each requires distinct techniques and content.

Twitter is a one-of-a-kind platform. While some types of material perform well on social media, others should be saved for more professional networks like LinkedIn or platforms that are largely visual, like Instagram and Pinterest.

However, we’ll walk you through four interesting Twitter post ideas that your followers will enjoy.

What to post on Twitter

#1 Make your tweets as specific as possible

If you want people to read your work, make sure they know what they’re getting into. Twitter is an onslaught of information that never stops coming at you. People need to know that what they’re clicking on is relevant to them.

“I’m new to Facebook and need all the advice I can get,” a fictional reader writes. A hundred likes on the page would be fantastic. Let’s see what Neal has to say!” Click.

And when you click on that link, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. That, believe me, counts a great deal.

On the internet, people move quickly – and on Twitter, they move at breakneck speed. If you don’t create the correct expectations and send visitors to a content that isn’t relevant, they will press the return button so quickly that it will make your head spin.

If you do this, the best case scenario is that someone will not read your message. Worst-case scenario? You’ve ruined your credibility, and you’ll never get another hit from that Tweep.

Furthermore, if you direct someone to an unrelated page and they instantly leave, Google is aware of it. The bounce rate and the amount of time spent on the page are both ranking factors. These signals to search engines that your material isn’t considered valuable, which could hurt your SEO.

#2 Use data and numbers in your tweets

Using numbers in your tweets is one of the best methods to be ultra-specific.

Consider this: would you rather click on a headline that says “Learn how to make more money,” or one that says “Learn how to make $200 in the next 8 hours?”

Isn’t the second one obvious? It tells you how much money you can make and when you can expect to make it.

A headline like that also gives you the impression that there are clear, practical steps that will show you how to do it.

Also, instead of spelling out the number, use the actual number. When you use the numeral instead of the word, numbers stand out. They also take up less characters in a tweet, which is a plus.

There are a lot of numbers in that tweet… and it’s fantastic. I know, I know, he spelled “one” incorrectly – but no one is flawless.

“I love easy hacks,” a fictional reader says. I’d like to get three times as many email subscribers. And I can achieve them in less than a month by following Neil’s lead?!” Click.

Who wouldn’t want to get those outcomes, right?

acheter follower twitter

#3 In your tweets, pose questions

In headlines (and tweets), asking questions is an effective approach. People logically carry out the solution – or at least what they perceive to be the solution. You’re halfway to the click when you get someone’s attention and get them thinking.

The response may appear apparent at times, yet the very fact that the question was posed is enough to elicit the click. Curiosity is fostered by asking questions in tweets.

#4 Make a Promise to Your Followers With Your Tweets

Take it a step further and make an ultra-specific promise with your tweets in addition to being ultra-specific. You want visitors to click on your link, but they want to know what they’ll get out of it. Tell them straight out front!

When you promise the reader a benefit (and, of course, deliver), you’ll often receive more than just a click – you’ll acquire a lifelong devotee.